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One of the world’s most visited museums. The halls of the Uffizi house the masterpieces of the greatest artists, ranging from the 13th to 18th centuries. Access to the galleries offers an incredible journey into the world of art, inside a spectacular building designed by the Tuscan architect Giorgio Vasari in the 17th century. Considering the large crowds, we recommend reserving your tickets when finalizing your hotel booking.

Piazza della Signoria

The political heart of Florence until the 13th century, this piazza preserves the soul of the Florentine Republic, as its main palace was the seat of power of the Medici family, the city’s true nobility, who chose it as their residence for a long period of time. The Loggia dei Lanzi and its Roman statues, along with the copy of Michelangelo’s David and its elegant architecture make this piazza a unique and privileged place in the history and culture of Florence. Located just a few meters from the Hotel Pierre.

Fortezza da Basso

A monumental complex of great value, Fortezza da Basso is a masterpiece of Renaissance military architecture. Commissioned by the Medici family and completed in 1537, the fortress is currently the primary exhibition space in Florence. Its entirely refurbished ancient spaces play host to trade fairs, international conventions, exhibitions and gala events: an exciting venue that provides a truly spectacular setting. Fortezza da Basso is 15/20 minutes from the hotel.

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The Hotel Pierre is housed in a Gothic style residence in Via de’Lamberti, immersed in the magical atmosphere of the historic center of Florence.